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Truck Training UK welcomes women learner drivers

on Friday, 11 October 2013. Posted in HGV Training News

Truck Training UK welcomes women learner drivers

With the UK truck driver shortage reaching records levels many savy women have spotted a huge gap in the market and are taking to the road in a variety of driving jobs normally dominated by men.

Truck driving, minibus driving, ambulance driving...all jobs that are most certainly overlooked by women. The fact is, many of these positions have prospects of a great salary (up to £550 per week) and are in high demand in the UK.

Most women don't even think about a driving career but, if you're fed up of being tied behind a desk all day or are looking for a career change, driving offers a highly rewarding career that strongly welcomes women drivers.

Statistics show women drivers have almost double the pass rate of men drivers taking hgv, truck and minibus driving courses.

In favour of promoting the driving industry, the UK Road Haulage Association is highly active is pushing the benefits of women drivers to potential employers in today’s equal opportunities environment.

Programs like Eddie Stobarts Truck and Trailers series highlight glowing career reports from women hgv drivers and illustrate driving a heavy hgv is easy with today’s electronic driving technology.

At Truck Training UK we welcome women learner drivers on all our Cat C, C1, C+E, Minibus and Ambulance / Paramedic driver training courses.

Our highly trained driving instructors are professional but friendly and have years of experience training lady drivers to successfully pass their test.

As an added benefit, we are one of the only UK driving centres that offer the very latest in-cab, live video monitoring systems for the upmost safety and security.

All our driving courses are fully managed and we arrange everything from licence applications to medical, training and tests.

If you're a lady looking for a new career with the potential to earn up to £30k a year and nor shortage of work that why not give us a call on 01204 525454.

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