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Merseyside Police Crackdown on HGV Drivers

on Wednesday, 10 July 2013. Posted in HGV Training News

Merseyside Police Crackdown on HGV Drivers

Police in the Mersyside region of the UK are cracking down on HGV drivers who illegally use mobiles phones, eat whilst at the wheel or commit other traffic and drivign offences.

Operation 'Truckcam' is spearheading the campaign with the Police monitoring drivers in their own unmarked HGV.

The silver HGV is manned by officers who are use a handheld video recorder in an attempt to catch HGV drivers committing driving offences.

Any drivers caught committing offences will be immediatley pulled over by traffic units which are in constant radio contact with the Police HGV. Drivers could be breathalysed and tachographs checked.

Operation 'Truckcam' is run by Merseyside's Commercial Vehicle Unit which was set up in late 2010 as an enforment unit for commercial vehicles such as HGV's but also includes taxis, coaches and buses.

The unit consists of a Sergeant, three constables and a VOSA Vehicle Examiner.

Head of the Merseyside Police Commercial Vehicle Unit Sergeant Steve Hare comments that commercial vehicles pose a greater risk than normal vehicles due to their weight and size.

If you're out on the road in the Merseyside area make sure you are driving within the law or you may end up being prosecuted.

For more information about the Merseyside Commercial Vehicle Unit please click here.

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