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HGV LGV Medical - What You Need to Know

on Monday, 05 August 2013. Posted in HGV Training News

HGV LGV Medical - What You Need to Know

Anyone looking to drive a HGV is required to pass a HGV medical examination by law. The HGV Medical must be conducted by a registered doctor.

The HGV medical proves you are phtyiscally fit and able to drive a Large Goods Vehicle LGV or HGV.

The examination is quite simple and takes only 30 minutes.

A registered doctor must perform the HGV medical. You can choose your own or any doctor but please be aware many charge upwards of £150.00

Most employers will cover the costs for the medical for you if it's related to your work.

At Truck Training UK we factor the cost of the medical into our courses and arrange everything for you.

The HGV medical examination starts with a discussion about your medical history and any issues you may have along with details of any on-going consultation.

You will then receive an examination of your body looking at each area and checking your chest, heart, blood pressure, height and weight.

A urine test is required to check glucose and there is no need for blood to be taken by needle.

Your eyesight will then be tested using a 6m snellen chart. There is no problem if you wear glasses or contact lenses along as you can see sufficiently out of both eyes.

The doctor will complete a DVLA D4 form and ask you to complete 2 sections yourself.

The Medical Examination Report - Form D4 requires the following information to be completed:

Patient’s weight
Patient’s height
Smoking habits
Units of alcohol taken each week
Urine sample glucose
Details of any specialist consultants you visit
Date you lorry or bus licence started
Is visual acuity at least 6/9 in your best eye and 6/12 in the other
Do corrective lenses have to worn
State visual acuities of each eye
Is there any defect to binocular field of vision?
Is their diplopia
Does the applicant have any other ophthalmic condition
Applicant’s name
Date of Birth
Nervous Sytem
Psychiatric Ilness
Coronary Artery Disease
Cardiac Arrhythmia
Peripheral Arterial Disease
Valvular/Congenital Heart Disease
Blood Pressure
General questions including melanomas, tumors, deafness, sleepiness
Hospital notes
Medical Practitioner Details
Patient details, consent and declaration

The doctor will complete most of the form and ask you to complete Section 9 - Your Details and Section 10 - Patient's Consent and Declaration.

At Truck Training UK we make it easy to get on the road by arranging all forms and the medical examination for you using our doctor.

For further details please call us on 01204 525454.

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