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B+E Trailer Towing Licence and Training Explained

on Tuesday, 04 March 2014. Posted in HGV Training News

B+E Trailer Towing Licence and Training Explained

Are you confident that you are driving within the law when towing a trailer?

Many people tow trailers, horsboxes and caravans but some are not aware they are fully legal to do so. It could be you have never been stopped by the police or VOSA but in the case of an accident you would be at fault.

At Truck Training UK we can advise you if you have B+E entitlement on your licence, assess your driving and give you the recommended training to get you through your test fast.

Please see the diagram below to check if you need a B+E licence.

trailer towing training courses

If you passed your driving test before the 1st of January 1997 you may have the entitlement already to tow a trailer. If however you passed after this or for any reason had to take your test again you will not have B+E category on your licence.

From the 30th of September 2013 the regulations required for taking your B+E Trailer Towing test changed. Further to the new DSA, VOSPA and ACPO specifications, Truck Training UK now use fully laiden trailers for all training and tests. This gives you the benefit and experience of learning how to tow a fully loaded trailer.

At TRUK we offer Trailer Training and Test to suit any vehicle requirements from towing a trailer, caravan, boat or horsebox for private use to towing grass-cutters, construction plant, wood shredders or chippers for company use.

As a further service for anyone with B+E entitlement already we can assist you with towing training to give you confidence in handling.

For further information please click here to visit GOV.UK Towing a Trailer with a Car

At TRUK we have successfully helped many individuals and companies pass their B+E test. For further information or bookings, please complete our enquiry form or call 01204 525454 today.

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